Founded in 1983 by Chet Thomas and Ells Culver, Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) is a Christian, Honduran, non-profit organization committed to empowering families to reduce poverty, build just, peaceful and productive communities based on Christian values. PAG uses an integral development strategy that includes many different programs such as health & HIV/AIDS prevention, domestic violence, education, agro-industrial development, microcredits, environmental development & infrastructure.

From one original staff member working in a few target villages, PAG grew to a 595-person organization and currently employs 153 individuals. With only eleven staff in the main office in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, the vast majority of employees are distributed among 7 regional offices.

Starting in 12 villages in Central Honduras, PAG initiated literacy, community health care/child survival, and family-based agricultural development and food security projects. Later low cost housing was added, installation of community potable water supplies and then, cash crop diversification.  Programming eventually  expanded  further into  micro-credit  enterprise  development,  domestic violence prevention, strengthening of communities and municipal governments, rural road construction, management of watersheds, HIV-AIDS education activities, public education and agro-industrial development in more than 500 communities located in the southern part of Cortes, northern part of Comayagua, Belén Gualcho, Ocotepeque and northern Lempira counties (Western Honduras).

This gradual growth and diversification of programming is a direct result of PAG’s commitment to a holistic approach to development work, as opposed to focusing all of its efforts and resources in one area. Having established a lasting presence in some communities for nearly three decades, PAG has developed strong relationships and much credibility with community leaders and local governments alike. The strong emphasis on local sustainability has produced model programs in community healthcare, agro industrial development and micro business development and credit that have been recognized by world development organizations.

Throughout its 28-year history, PAG has been supported by grants and donations from international development agencies, international charitable foundations, churches, and thousands of individuals.

You have made this happen with your support and prayers.
Thank you and may God richly bless you.