December 2017
Dear Friends,
For 34 years, we have invested in developing the human infrastructure of community leaders who lead with a spiritual focus needed to provide families with more socioeconomic opportunities that will reduce poverty and create a more equitable society for all the families in our area of influence.
We know that economic development is not enough to build a new Honduras, as the family needs a new mentality and relationships based on Christian Values
In this Annual Report 2017, we invite you to read about our programs and the projects implemented this year, so you can see the impacts and results attained through our investments made for current and future generations. Honduras is facing many difficult problems in 2018, following the elections, therefore I ask you to invest in our programs with youth, strengthening the family and local institutions so that God will bless us with an abundant harvest of positive ans sustainable results.
Finally, we appreciate your committed support and faithful prayers for the work we have done over more than thirty four years. This coming year we really need your help to face many challenges that threaten the very security of Honduras. We look forward to respond to many growing needs with the help of our Lord and continue investing in creating opportunities for those in need and who are worthy of a better future. May God continue to bless you and the work we do together to care for His children with special needs.
In His service in Honduras,


Chester Thomas
Executive Director