December 2015
Dear Friends,
Christmas Greetings to you as we enter this very special time of the year when we hang the holly and start “decking the halls.” This includes dressing our special tree with the angelic “Christmas lights” on top to begin the many great traditions we have during this joyous season.
However, no Christmas memories are more precious than remembering the special birth of our Lord and Savior who from such a humble setting and beginning, changed the world forever and how He chose to eternally bless each of us in our daily life, in our work and in our relationship with Him. What a gift He has given us!
Looking back on this year, we are so thankful for the opportunities He has given us to reduce the effects of poverty in many rural and urban families and communities throughout Honduras. The work that has been done through our integrated development programas has touched and blessed the lives of many who lack basic human services such as access to healthcare and food security as well as improved education, income generation opporunities, protection of the rights of children and women and moving the local church to become more involved and much more.
Although the situation in Honduras was challenging this year with increased crime rates, insecurity and weak government support of social services, PAG remains positive as we’ve seen answered prayers through the contributions of individuals, churches and foundations who are committed to helping us reduce poverty in Honduras. We face the New Year with optimism knowing that God will bless His work in Honduras.
Coming from those whom have been blessed with an improved life, we say “thank you” to you who have made these achievements possible. Thank you for “decorating” this poor country with lights of hope promoting development, peace and a better quality of life!
May you be truly blessed this Christmas and New Year,
Chester Thomas
Executive Director.