Employing the Futures: Opportunities for At-Risk-Youth

Honduras, a country with one of the highest homicide rates of the world, also has a high youth unemployment rate – 50 percent are unemployed or underemployed. With little or no income, youths are tempted to become part of organized crime or gangs. Young people that want to stay away from criminal activities have a hard time finding a job, they carry with them the stigma of being from high crime slums which prevents them from achieving their dreams. In Honduras, the place where you live can determine your future. To create opportunities for at-risk-youth, Project Global Village (PAG) partnering with Banyan Global and CESAL Honduras inaugurated on August 21, 2017, the Employing the Futures project in the Flor del Campo area. In its first year, the project will target 600 at-risk youth, providing them with job training and placement. Youth will be trained on soft skills (104 hours), job skills (80 hours), and will receive cognitive behavioral therapy (24 hours or more).

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