PAG has worked in the Belén Gualcho Celaque Highland region in the county of Ocotepeque with Lenca and Chorti Indian farmers for more than 25 years. More recently this work has focused on (1) Organizing the producers association- APROCEL, (2) Improving farmers’ capacity to produce quality products using modern production technology and drip irrigation, and (3) Developing the necessary production infrastructure such as water resources, water catchment dams, storage tanks and major pipe lines to bring water supply for irrigation and food processing and cold storage facilities.

This Project is providing the opportunity for 300 Lenca families to improve their lives through commercial agricultural production, diversification of profitable vegetable crops and improved income generation activities through a year round production infrastructure.

2013 Achievements:

  • 152 producers have drip water irrigation systems on their land plots.
  • 12 producers have large greenhouses for vegetable production.
  • 24 of these producers have macro tunnels for vegetable production.
  • 6 formal markets have been established for the commercialization of the producers’ products.
  • 30 women were trained to create products with added value to sell in the markets. This year they processed 10,000 pounds of vegetables.
  • Around 1,500,000 pounds of vegetables have been produced for sale in different markets.
  • 80,000 pounds of French style green beans grown by program producers have been exported to Guatemala.