DEBORAH PROGRAM: Advocacy and promotion of vulnerable group’s rights

DEBORAH program contributes to the promotion and advocacy of Human Rights in 21 municipalities of Comayagua County and 2 municipalities of Cortés County, strengthening the capacity of civil society, local governments and justice operators to prevent and respond to human rights violations. Vulnerable groups include female victims of domestic violence, children and youth, older adults, LGTBI persons and people with HIV/AIDS. In 2017, our program partners, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Justice Operators (JOs), responded to 1,247+ cases of domestic violence and other violations of human rights and 387 cases of child support were successfully resolved. The program was named Deborah, after one of the Jewish counselors mentioned in the Bible.

The Deborah program seeks to attain three main results:

  • Networks of Civil Society Organizations strengthened.
  • Vulnerable groups have access to justice services at the community level improved through the efficient and effective coordination of Justice Operators’ (JOs) preventive actions.
  • Local governments’ capacities (municipal councils, mayors, village deputy mayors, women’s office, etc.) strengthened to prevent and respond to violations of vulnerable groups’ rights.

The DEBORAH Program Manual What to do when …? is a companion guide when providing legal advice and counseling to victims of rights violations.

You can download the manual at the following link:

DEBORAH Program Manual: What to do when…?


Throughout PAG’s target region, Catholic and Protestant Christian churches have little to no involvement in social or development activities.

Since 2004, PAG has implemented a program called DIAKONOS to increase the capacity of local Christian Organizations (COs) to reach out into their communities by implementing community development projects and linking them to spiritual growth. The program focuses on the concept of “Integral Missions” as a way of showing the love of God by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community members. The DIAKONOS program works in the municipalities of Siguatepeque, Santa Cruz de Yojoa and Taulabé.

The Diakonos program’s main objectives are:

  • To strengthen COs administrative, monitoring and evaluation capacity.
  • To strengthen COs fundraising capacities.
  • To establish strategic alliances between PAG and other Christian Organizations to implement activities related to community development, HIV education and social aid.