“Education for the Future” Program

5,000 Beneficiaries and Counting!

PAG is working to improve local education in remote villages! The most recent efforts have been through the implementation of the Education for the Future Program which works towards decentralizing the education system that is run by the national government by creating community-run school

board committees to manage local schools in local areas throughout northern Comayagua. The program currently works with 150 different schools that are a part of the PROHECO (Honduran Community Education Program) system.

A few of the activities to help reach the program’s goals include:

  • Providing teacher training to improve teaching techniques.
  • Increasing parents’ involvement in the children’s education
  • Helping students improve study skills
 PAG’s education programs have built a total of 102 one-room schools between 2003 and 2012!

Scholarships and Tutoring (Becas y Metas) in Flor del Campo, Tegucigalpa

Flor del Campo is a large urban squatters settlement located in the capital city Tegucigalpa were over 100,000 live in urban poverty. The Flor del Campo Pastoral Scholarship Program was started by PAG is 1992 to help counsel and educate high-risk youth growing up in this difficult area. Since then, the program has also implemented a tutoring component called “Metas” (“Goals” in Spanish). Students from all over the Flor del Campo area can come to receive academic tutoring whether or not they are a part of the scholarship program.

The youth program's main components include:

  • Christian Discipleship
  • Family Relationships
  • Scholarship Program
  • Tutoring
  • Community Involvement
  • Career Education and Training