Empowering families to reduce poverty and build fair, peaceful and productive communities based on Christian values.


A leading organization that enhances the capacities and resources of the communities, opening development opportunities.


Trying to do something so great for God that it would end in failure if He is not part of it.

Our Story

PProyecto Aldea Global started its work in 1983 in response to urgent social and economic needs in the rural areas of Honduras. Founded by Chet Thomas and Ellsworth Culver, PAG’s programs started by focusing on developing a local human infrastructure of communities who would become the future leaders in promoting agricultural, health, and social outreach model programs focusing on family and community development to overcome poverty and injustice. Intertwined throughout PAG’s programs is a focus on social justice, a strong Christian commitment and responsibility to the poor who have no voice.

Starting in 12 villages in Central Honduras, PAG initiated literacy, community health care/child survival, and family-based agricultural development, including food security projects. . Later low cost housing was added, installation of community potable water supplies and then, cash crop diversification. Programming eventually expanded further into micro-credit enterprise development, domestic violence prevention, strengthening of communities and municipal governments, rural road construction, management of watersheds, HIV-AIDS education activities, public education and agro-industrial development in more than 500 communities located in the southern part of Cortes, northern part of Comayagua, Belén Gualcho, Ocotepeque and northern Lempira counties (Western Honduras).

This gradual growth and diversification of programming is a direct result of PAG’s commitment to a holistic approach to development work, as opposed to focusing all of its efforts and resources in one area. Having established a lasting presence in some communities for more than three decades, PAG has developed strong relationships and much credibility with community leaders and local governments alike. The strong emphasis on local sustainability has produced model programs in community health-care, agro industrial development and micro business development and credit that have been recognized by world development organizations.

Throughout its 35-year history, PAG has been supported by grants and donations from international development agencies, international charitable foundations, churches, and thousands of individuals.

Dear Friends and Supporters

It seems like only yesterday when Proyecto Aldea Global (Project Global Village) began working in twelve villages in the Lake Yojoa area of central Honduras. Thirty-five years ago, a small group of farmers came together to seek solutions to their farming problems and how to improve their quality of life for their families. Their demands were simple such as access to basic health care services and medicines, improved education for their children, additional income with better corn and bean production and grain storage, a better house with a concrete floor, bathroom, and running water were but a few of the basic needs on their wish list.

In developed countries these problems are mostly resolved by their government but in Honduras, many poor remote communities face these problems alone. Private non-profit organizations like Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) work locally to facilitate development programs that are ongoing and sustainable through the formation of local leaders who lead their communities. In thirty-five years we have seen countless positive changes and achievements, however, still a great percentage of the rural population continues to live at poverty levels and so, our work continues.

I invite you to read about the work being done in Honduras and how we work on forming the local human infrastructure which offers more local sustainability. The communities work very hard alongside our committed staff, the majority have worked with PAG for more than twenty-five years. I thank our remarkable staff who are committed Christians and whose daily work is their life’s mission. We are very grateful for your prayers, donations, and for the larger institutional support which helps us to implement remarkable achievements that have touched the lives of the very poor in Honduras over the past thirty-five years.

Recent top-level decisions in the US have cut off all US aid to three Central American countries, Honduras being one of them. Five development programs of Proyecto Aldea Global have been affected. We acknowledge that this has become a real challenge for us. We ask for your prayers as we navigate through these changes. We are confident that God is with us and He will guide us as only He can.

Thank you for walking alongside us during these years and for your long term commitment to PAG and Honduras over the next several decades!

Annual Reports

Proyecto Aldea Global



Over the years, Proyecto Aldea Global has been recognized for its great work and dedication in solving the needs of the poorest in Honduras to improve the well-being of families, promoting local sustainability in the communities where their development programs operate .

2016 Quetglas Awards– The Vincentian Social Works Foundation (OSOVI) gave Chester Thomas, executive director and founder of PAG, the 2016 Quetglas Award for his social career in favor of less favored people living in areas of high poverty, who with his actions has made a difference in the lives of many Hondurans since 1974.

2016 Copan Tourism Award The Honduran National Chamber of Tourism and the Honduran Institute of Tourism awarded the 2016 National Tourism Award, which is the highest national award for promoting tourism in Honduras, to Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) and its hotel PANACAM Lodge. The profits from PANACAM Lodge Hotel is used to cover the park’s expenses so that it will be sustainable economically in the future.

2009 National Environment Award – Project Global Village was awarded the highest environmental award in the institutional category. Prize conferred to PAG for its magnificent work in the conservation of the natural resources of PANACAM park.

2006 Latin American Health Award – The Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO) awarded PAG the Latin American Health Prize valuing the work of its Community Health Program, specifically it’s Comprehensive Care of the Newborn Child (AIN-C) component. PAG was selected amongst all Latin American countries to receive this award.

2006 Environment Award – PAG was awarded second place in the 2006 National Environment Award.