» Agriculture and Food Security

PAG has worked with Lenca and Chorti Indian farmers for more than 30 years. The municipality of Belén Gualcho in Ocotepeque County has a high agricultural potential that is being developed by PAG with the financial support of the Jack and Marie Eiting Foundation.

PAG has improved farmers’ capacity and production skills through technical assistance, the application of best agricultural practices, the use of modern production technologies, the development of irrigation and greenhouse systems, and the supply of the infrastructure needed to produce high-quality products for commercialization in the markets of Honduras’ largest cities.

In the same project, PAG started a small business (PROEBEL), managed by Lenca Indian women in the area who process vegetables and fruits into value-added products (jams, nectars, juices, wine, tomato sauce and pickles). This group of highly motivated women also manage a large vegetable plant greenhouse to produce and sell more than 1.3 million different types of vegetable plants to local farmers each year.

Large-Scale Irrigation «

In 2016, the Integrated Production System (IPS) program was initiated with the financial support of the Japanese 2KR Aid program to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products of farmers living in the communities of Comayagua County through gravity irrigation systems, technical assistance, and strengthened community financing. In 2018 alone, a total of 4,344,803 pounds (2,173 tons) of sweetpotato and oriental vegetables were harvested and exported, generating a total of L. 18,480,507.85 ($226,820) in gross sales with a net profit of 30%. In addition, 50 new permanent jobs and 100 new temporary jobs were created in primary production to benefit families living in the surrounding areas.

» Infrastructure

PAG continues to invest in different infrastructure projects to improve human health, people’s living conditions in rural areas, boost economic growth and create sustainable jobs. Access is key for PAG programs to run smoothly.

In 2018, PAG completed the following projects:
• Repaired irrigation water system in the community of La Mohaga.
• Water system repaired in the community of Caudate in Belén Gualcho to benefit more than 40 families.
• A new water system was built in the community of Llano Largo Belén Gualcho to benefit more than 32 families.
• Construction of 30 sanitary modules (shower, toilet and water tank) to benefit 30 families in the communities of Suyande and Pitillo in Belén Gualcho.
• A newv vegetable plant greenhouse built in Los Arroyos scheduled to produce 1.5 million vegetable plants each quarter of 2019.
• Maintenance of “farm to market” rural roads.

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