» PROGRESE Micro Credit Program

Started in 1990, PAG through this program aims to improve the income and living conditions of its beneficiaries by providing them with opportunities to start small businesses. Flexible loans are offered at competitive interest rates through solidarity loans to create new local jobs and increase production. Entrepreneurs living in urban areas of Tegucigalpa and rural areas in central and western Honduras benefit from this opportunity to improve their existing businesses or start a new micro business to increase family income and generate sustainable jobs.

PAG currently has four micro credit offices: Flor del Campo (Tegucigalpa), Comayagua, Siguatepeque and Belén Gualcho.

For more information:
Tegucigalpa Office: 2234-5384; 2234-6194; 2234-5380; 9435-8657
Comayagua Office: 2772-1445; 2772-1495; 9628-4843
Siguatepeque Office: 2773-3001; 9624-9924

Global Art «

Arte Global (Global Art) is a small business started by four low-income Honduran women wjho sell hand-made cards to improve their family income. These cards are made on poster-like paper and decorated with different types of fabrics and materials. They are perfect for any occasion – Christmas, Birthdays, Thank You notes, etc. Please refer to the catalog for more information regarding card sizes and designs.

PAG supports the efforts of these highly motivated women by providing them with a rent-free office space at PAG’s Flor del Campo Office.

Main Office
Colonia Florencia Sur, Ave. Los Pinos, Segunda calle, Casa 4044. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
(504) 2239-8311; 2239-8400