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Committed volunteers make possible many tasks that nonprofit organizations are not able to complete on their own. Many of these tasks may seem minuscule, however, they have far reaching impacts in the lives and souls of our Honduran brothers and sisters. Come join us and become a part of this rewarding task of empowering families to reduce poverty and build just, peaceful, and productive communities in Honduras! We can help you come up with project ideas to implement depending on what your team is interested/willing to do, or you can share with us your proposed project activities.

In 2004 PAG began a volunteer program called “Adopt a Village“. Through this program, rural impoverished villages throughout Honduras are chosen to be “adopted” by church groups, college groups, etc. to be completely renovated in a way that changes the living conditions of the villagers in a very impactful way!

The projects within this program include: the installation of a community water system, the construction of concrete floors, home improvement, construction of latrines with septic tanks, improving wood burning stoves and installing family water filters.

In addition, irrigation is installed to produce cash crops being introduced to improve family and community income. The volunteers provide the funds and labor for the projects as they get to make annual trips to their adopted village in Honduras and see first hand how their efforts can put a smile on a child’s face! We ask that each group continue with the support of their village for the duration of the project life span of either 2 or 3 years (depending on size and needs of the village). The community provides the materials (sand, gravel, cement, etc.), unskilled labor and the commitment to care for and maintain the community for future generations.

For more information contact us via email at info@paghonduras.org.

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