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It’s been over a month now since the Honduran government called for a nationwide lock down to stop the spread of the coronavirus. All access roads continue to be closed and some communities have police checkpoints to stop others from entering.

We want to thank all our donors for giving so generously to this cause. With your donation, PAG was able to purchase medicines and medical supplies to restock the 500+ community owned pharmacies in western and central Honduras. Individuals living in remote communities do not have quick access to a health facility. With the community owned pharmacies, these individuals have direct access to primary health services and medicines within walking distance. Donation of medicines and medical supplies were also made to health centers and medical brigades.

The medical supplies that were purchased include: face masks, gloves, antibacterial gels, and iodine. Among the medicines purchased were: antibiotics, cold & flu, pain medicines, saline solution, medicines to treat diabetes & hypertension, etc. Donations were made to several organizations that support medical brigades (Arbol de Misericordia, FEMA, Batallon Ingenieros), to the Gustavo Boquin Health Center in Siguatepeque, and to PAG's Community owned pharmacies.

PAG has started to implement the second phase of the COVID19 emergency relief. The nationwide lock down has put a major burden on the very poor. These individuals live on what they earn on a daily basis (selling tortillas in the streets, bus drivers, etc.). With the current restrictions, they have been "without a job" and unable to earn income to buy food. PAG, with the support from generous donors, gave a one-time cash donation of $20 to more than 350 families to help them buy food locally. PAG is especially helping single mothers in Flor del Campo and who have run out of food because of the shutdown.

Thousands of extremely poor families still need financial help to purchase food. Your ongoing help is greatly appreciated!

To make a donation, please click on the following link:

April 20th, 2020 | Emergency Relief, Programs Redacción General
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