» Summary of PAG's COVID19 Emergency Relief Activities

Once again we extend our sincere thanks to all our friends and donors for contributing to PAG’s activities during the COVID19 crisis in Honduras.

PAG has made a tremendous effort to supply the 500 community owned pharmacies in central and western Honduras with essential medicines and medical equipment. Most of these medicines were purchased locally, and others were shipped from the U.S. and Canada. In addition, various donations were made to health centers in western and central Honduras. Our network of health volunteers (more than 2,000 volunteers) were also equipped with essential medical equipment and necessary medications to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in rural communities in central and western Honduras. Our health volunteers have dedicated a lot of effort to educate the population about the current virus to promote preventive measures.

More than 75,000 people have had access to health services and medications during the COVID 19 pandemic through PAG's 500 community owned pharmacies (each pharmacy serves at least four communities). God has blessed our efforts!

Additionally, in the last two months and with the support of our friends and donors, more than 3,000 poor families have received a cash donation to help them buy food, since these families have not had an income since the beginning of the quarantine in Honduras.

This pandemic has negatively affected the economy of all the countries in the world, but it has had a stronger impact in third world countries like Honduras with a high percentage of poverty. Due to the curfew implemented since mid-March, most of the micro and small businesses (3,400 families) that PAG has supported through its microcredit program, have remained closed; These families have had no income and many had to use their small savings to feed their families during these three months of confinement.

PAG continues its efforts to help the poor. With a one-time donation of $100, $200, or $1000 you can help these families to “jump start” their businesses (selling tortilla sales, making piñatas, furniture, selling used clothing sales, etc.) once again. Thank you!

Jun 22nd, 2020 | Emergency Relief, Programs Redacción General
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